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The Restoration Goes On

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The design for the nutcracker has been agreed upon and Brandon is now on to the carving phase of the restoration.    The first step was to add the wood to the original piece being very cautious due to the age of the piece.  Then it was on to the carving.  Brandon is quite meticulous when working.  When I go out to the shop I find him wearing his jeweler’s visor (a.k.a. cheaters) and using another magnifying glass getting things just right.


The restoration is coming along nicely.  Now it is about getting the transition to the new wood and the overall “look” of the piece just right.

This past week Brandon had some company in the old shop.  Someone decided to abandon their kitten around our house.  Probably because there is a farm close by.  Instead of it going to the farm it adopted us.  Clinging onto the screen doors crying to come in.  We hoped to find him a nice home or we thought we would have to take him to the APL.  The weather turned for the worse and Brandon allowed him to stay in the shop out of the rain. We all decided he is a sweet kitten.  Needless to say we now have an addition to our family…….IMG_4494

We have all kind of resolved ourselves that we are meant for each other.  It would be nice if our two other cats would feel the same way……

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