A Wonderful Gift

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A few months ago we were given a gift of this split beard gnome nutcracker by Susan.  When she purchased it, it had been painted with day glo paint.  She thought she’d strip the paint and refinish it.  She got the paint off of him and then a little disaster struck, laundry detergent fell onto it and broke it’s beard.



Susan thought of it as an omen or something telling her she wasn’t meant to have it and she knew Brandon would fix it and refinish it and we would cherish it.

Brandon fixed the beard, replaced the pin and also touched up his mouth where it was a bit chipped with a new technique he wanted to try.  He also refinished him to a really nice warm medium color.  IMG_7485


Fixed lower lip

Restored lower lip

He stated more than once about the really good job Susan did removing the day glo paint and how it would have been a lot of work to get it to the condition it was.

It turned out wonderfully!  We both love him and he is now part of our own nutcracker family!

Before Restoration

Before Restoration

After Restoration

After Restoration

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