Brandon is now working on two restorations.  First off is this very interesting owl nutcracker.

Owl Nutcracker

Owl Nutcracker

This piece  has a couple of issues that need to be addressed.  First the feather tufts on the head have been broken off in a curious manner and they need to be  added.  Also, the beak needs to be repaired as well as the stump it is perched upon.  When all of that is completed it will need to stained and finished to its former glory.

Owl Nutcracker

Owl Nutcracker

Owl Nutcracker

Owl Nutcracker

The next restoration, is this jolly fellow….


He had an old repair that needed to be redone.  His hat had been glued on and not in the right position.


The hat also is missing the very tip of it and will need to be replaced.  The rim of the hat in the front is also chipped and will need to be repaired also.


In other news, Brandon’s original design Seahorse Figural Nutcracker has been sold.  It now will make  it’s home at the Leavenworth Nutcracker Museum.  It definitely will not be lonely there! ;-)


It was sad to see it leave but I have my order already put in for one like it!

Check back soon for more updates and also check out our Facebook page.

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