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Last year we joined the Nutcracker Collector’s Club.  Each year they hold a convention hosted by a club member or group of club members.  This year’s convention was held in Connecticut,  so we packed up the Prius and hit the road.


We are fortunate to have been able to attend this year’s convention and finally meet a lot of members of the club.  What a group of wonderful people!  Everyone collects and has a real appreciation of the art and function of nutcrackers.

Mike and Linda hosted this year’s convention.  The first night started off at their home.   There we  got to ogle their very beautiful collection of  nutcrackers.  Here are just a few photos of their collection….

Mike & Linda's Collection

Notice the horse above :-)    Mike commissioned Brandon to create it for them……

Mike & Linda's Collection
Mike & Linda's Collection
Mike & Linda's Collection
Mike & Linda’s Collection

Above center, in the back, is the Groden Brandon restored for Mike and Linda and also that extraordinary Griffin….


Notice the stump stands

That’s just a few of their fabulous nutcrackers.  We really enjoyed seeing their collection. We had been told that Mike and Linda have a collection of high quality nutcrackers.  They go for quality over quantity.   It’s definitely true.  They have the most beautiful collection of nutcrackers as well as many beautiful antiques throughout their charming home.

We had a fabulous time meeting Mike and Linda.  Brandon has worked with him on a few projects and it was so nice to finally put a face to the emails!  It is a wonderful thing that they opened their home for us to see their collection and give us the opportunity to meet them and the other members.   It was an awesome experience.

Who knew?  Just a few years ago Brandon was just looking for a nutcracker to buy for me for Christmas.  He found the figural nutcrackers and decided to make one for me.  We would have never guessed that would lead us to this.  We have met the most wonderful people and learned so much.  I know that many of our family members glaze over when we discuss nutcrackers and do not share our enthusiasm (to use Susan’s term they are part of the disinterested club).  I would have never thought that there were all these wonderful people who all shared in their love of collecting these figural nutcrackers.    What a wonderful thing it is that this club has members who open their homes and host wonderful events like this.

Check back for more on the convention!!!!

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