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Gazing Hound Figural Nutcracker Listed

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It’s been a scattered week so the blog post got delayed, but better late than never.

We listed the Gazing Hound nutcracker on ebay and it ends today at noon.  It is a really neat piece.  We have the proto-type and I just love it!  He is very sleek and elegant.  The pictures for him on the listing do a good job showing his detail but he is even more awesome in person.

Gazing Hound Figural Nutcracker

Gazing Hound Figural Nutcracker

Gazing Hound Figural Nutcracker

Gazing Hound Figural Nutcracker

Brandon is busy designing some new unique figural nutcrackers.  Exciting things happening with them.  Since launching our website and selling on ebay we have met wonderful people who collect nutcrackers and they have shared with us some really good information.  We are rather new to this and as they have been collectors for many years they are helping us discover what’s out there.  There is so much to learn and it is all quite fascinating.

I have been busy trying to meet my goal of getting my Christmas shopping done by Thanksgiving.  I’m almost done!! Yay. Thanks to the the By Hand Fine Art and Craft Festival at the IX Center last weekend I am pretty close to done.  It is a wonderful event with very talented artists.  We attend each year and are never disappointed.  They do shows in Columbus, Cleveland and Cincinnati.  If you get the opportunity to attend go.  The Cleveland show this year was even free admission due to the Fabulous Food Show running in conjunction with the art show.  Can’t beat that.

Along with shopping I’ve been painting Christmas items and we started decorating the house for the Holiday Season!  Every year it seems to take longer.  I get very nostalgic when decorating, everything has a story.  We have quite the mish-mash of items.  I sometimes think it would be nice to decorate with a “theme” but we just can’t do it.  It wouldn’t feel like Christmas without all our old favorites so it ends up an eclectic mix.

It’s been quite a snowy week here in the snow belt of Northeast Ohio.  I think we are going to get a break from it, which would be o.k with me.  We have well over a foot of snow on the ground and our new snow blower is officially broken in and we know it works.  Now we don’t need snow until Christmas!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving,


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