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I just listed a Skull Nutcracker on Etsy.  It is the second of Brandon’s new Skull design and it is numbered and signed by Brandon.    The Skull Nutcracker turned out beautifully.  Here are a couple pictures of it…



If you want to see a few more pictures check out the Etsy listing.

We are building our Etsy Store and will be listing our original items on Etsy as much as possible.  The fees are much lower on Etsy (3.9%)  than Ebay (9%).   Ebay’s fees are almost laughable anymore.  My least favorite is the “Final Value Fee on Shipping”.  I haven’t yet figured out why they are putting a fee on my shipping costs when they are not providing me with any real shipping services.  I have read  they began adding this fee because buyers love the Free Shipping option and this way more sellers would offer free shipping.  However, free shipping isn’t really a feasible option when shipping overseas and you charge actual shipping to the winning bidder.  Shipping is already a big enough expense and I just think it is greedy and wrong for Ebay to be adding to the millions they make by adding this ridiculous fee.

If you are not familiar with the Etsy check it out.

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Brandon completed the restoration of the owl nutcracker.  Like every project that comes through the workshop this restoration had its own set of challenges.  Each project is a learning experience and much is learned on each one.  Brandon is quite persnickety with getting everything lined up and looking seamless.  Then he puts the same care into the finish to make the restoration work look like it never was broke.

Brandon had to add the “ears” and beak.  The stump was also broken and needed to be added to.  Here are some pictures of the finished nutcracker….






This piece came out beautifully.  My pictures do not do it justice.  It was quite a struggle to get good pictures with the lack of sunlight around here!  I think we need a break from all the rain…….enough is enough already!

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