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New Week,The Holiday Rush and Exciting News

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It’s Monday and we’ve been busy getting projects designed and completed.  Brandon is working on completing a few nutcrackers and I am working on some Christmas Items (paintings, gift tags, ornaments, etc.).   Our cold and blustery weather is perfect to get us in the mood for Christmas.

This weekend was the start of our Christmas shopping and all of my favorite little shops had their Holiday Open Houses.  Friday I officially started shopping and I am already finding things are getting hard to find.  Saturday was shopping with our son.  We made it to one of his favorite stores, Cap Toys in Chesterland.   It’s a Lego lovers heaven.  They have the widest selection of Lego sets in our area with many huge displays.  Then it was on to less exciting but productive shopping.  Sunday I did make it to one of my favorites, The Breezewood in Bainbridge.  Santa and his elves arrived, they had Christmas cookies and drinks and the holiday decorations were beautiful.  Many new decorating ideas.  Hopefully I will get all my shopping done early to enjoy the season with less stress.

This week we have listed a Bear Nutcracker on Ebay, check it out. 

That brings us to the exciting news.  The Skull Nutcracker that listed on ebay a couple weeks ago sold.  It sold to and is going to be displayed at the Leavenworth Nutcracker Museum.

We are really excited about this.  We have been collecting nutcrackers since our son was 3 years old.  His grandmother bought him one and he was completely fascinated with it.  Each year since we have bought at least one, sometimes more.  We look for unusual ones or ones that relate to something about the year.  We did however come to the point where they were getting too repetitive and a two years ago we couldn’t find one we wanted to purchase.  Brandon started looking for something more unique  than today’s commercial nutcrackers to buy for my Christmas present and discovered Black Forest Figural Nutcrackers.  He was seriously thinking of buying an antique figural nutcracker, of Otto von Bismark.  He thought he’d better ask what I thought before he bought one.  I saw it and liked it but because of a past bad experience with an antique (a story for next Halloween) that I would prefer not to have an antique.  That got his wheels turning.  He is an excellent woodcarver so why not make his own?  Shortly thereafter he carved his first bear nutcracker.  The prototype of the one now listed on Ebay.  Now our collection grows when he creates a new nutcracker.  I (we) get the prototype and I proudly display them all year as they are truly works of art.

That Christmas he created the Bear Nutcracker prototype he bought me The Art and Character of Nutcrackers as a gift.

The book is by Arlene Wagner of The Leavenworth Nutcracker Museum A National Heritage Foundation.  Arlene is an internationally recognized authority in the nutcracker craft.  This book is a wonderful photo compilation of the museum’s nutcracker collection and the history of Nutcrackers.  It is quite a wonderful turn of events that Brandon’s original design Skull Nutcracker will now have a home at the museum.

That’s some of what’s going on at Ardoria Studios.  Until next time,


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