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Brandon has completed two more restorations.  First is this monkey…the pin needed to be replaced.  I don’t have before pictures of this piece.  However, in the after photos you can see that the pin has been blended to match the piece’s patina and doesn’t look like a new pin.  It is now fully operational.

metal monkey side2

metal monkey side

Next is this woman sitting on a log.  She had some condition issues such as her nose was missing, bottom lip and upper teeth were also in need of repair.  The overall finish of the piece was freshened up also.  Here are some before pictures….




Here are the after pictures….

old lady sideold lady front angleold lady frontold lady close up

These pieces came together nicely and are ready to be delivered.

Check back later for Brandon’s redesigned Skull Nutcracker.

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Brandon completed the restoration of the owl nutcracker.  Like every project that comes through the workshop this restoration had its own set of challenges.  Each project is a learning experience and much is learned on each one.  Brandon is quite persnickety with getting everything lined up and looking seamless.  Then he puts the same care into the finish to make the restoration work look like it never was broke.

Brandon had to add the “ears” and beak.  The stump was also broken and needed to be added to.  Here are some pictures of the finished nutcracker….






This piece came out beautifully.  My pictures do not do it justice.  It was quite a struggle to get good pictures with the lack of sunlight around here!  I think we need a break from all the rain…….enough is enough already!

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